Old, but very interesting blog about a ocean painting I did years ago.


Well, Joel and Victoria loved their painting. It’s awesome when I pull it off, you just never know what somebody is going to like or dislike. As an artist, you have to go with the flow and give the people that hire you the final word, after all, it is their painting. (I’m talking about a painting I just done for another client 11/2014)

So, here we go again. A friend of mine was looking at my website and noticed a painting he really liked. He came over and we started talking about the painting he saw, he was talking about a little painting I did a few months a go. I ended up with this little painting from a garage sale. It had this awful painting on it, so I sanded it down and did a whole new painting on top of it. The painting I did was a black and white ocean in the middle of night with a moon and stars. The painting was really small, so Johnny asked if I could do another one but this time make it 4ft long and close to 3ft tall. It’s a cool painting, it’s kind of like you’re floating in the ocean and you can see the moon and stars above you.

After priming the canvas, I stopped and thought, I sure would like to have some motion in the water. Hmmm, I wander how I can create that some movement, after thinking about it I remembered that I had some dry paint in a tray. I’m bad about using a roller tray for a paint board, so there was a bunch of different color paint in a tray that was all dry. I filled it up with water and let it set for a few days. After the paint sets in the water for so long it starts to separate from the tray. So, I had this huge sheet of dry paint here’s a pic

What I did was cut the sheet into little strips of paint like this

Then I glued the pieces on to the canvas, I didn’t want to see the straight lines where I cut the paint with the scissors, so I used a special concoction I came up with to cover over those lines. This is what it looks like


After all the texture dried I started painting the water a black color mixed with a dark blue color. Plus, I wanted to create a one of a kind night color, I mixed a metallic blue and some flat black, this gives the night color this special kind of shine that black alone can’t give you.

I continued to add the black and dark blue color to the water trying to leave the areas where I’m going to add the white color (reflection from the moon), alone.

Adding the texture below the water really turned this painting into a piece of art, instead of it just being a flat, looking painting. When you look at the lower left corner of the painting where the reflection stops, it looks like the water is still moving. Like this

Now, the moon is a whole another story, and, you only have so many chances to get it right or you have to start all over again because the paint builds up all around the circle of the moon and it looks fake at that point. Let me tell you, there’s nothing easy about creating a moon, believe me, its not that easy. It’s always hard when try to paint something the good lord created. Here’s the finished painting, I’ll put a better pic it on here next week.


Thanks for hiring to do this painting for you Johnny, I hope you like it as much as I do.

I did this painting several years ago, I went on to do several more and ended up selling 4 or 5 of them. It’s one of my favorite paintings. I came across this old blog and thought some of you might enjoy reading it too. I wish the pics were a little better, but oh well. I did get to spell check it this time thank god.
Anyway, I hope enjoyed it.
Clint       11/2014

I’m back, sorry it took so long!

Hey guys,

I know, I know, I say the same thing every time I write a blog, but it’s hard to find the time to keep a steady blog. Hell, I can’t keep a monthly blog going much less a weekly. Which is actually not good for my website. To be honest…I get more traffic every time I write a new post, so you would thank I would write one every day, but for one thing, I’m not a good writer and two, I get busy and forget.

Okay, lets get caught up. I don’t even remember my last post, but I’ve done quite a few jobs since then. Lets start with the last job, the people were awesome, which always makes for a cool job. After talking to the customer, she needed me to do a few projects. One room was for her 2 year son, she wanted me to paint the room two different colors, install a border all the way around room and paint clouds on the ceiling. The border was 6″ wide with a bunch of airplanes flying through clouds, it was really col. The second room was cool too, her daughter (12) drew a dragon and she wanted me to take her drawing and paint it on the wall, above her bed.

Not knowing what the dragon looked like, made it even more fun. When I got over there to start the job, I met the young artist and she was a very sweet. She showed me her drawing and I freaked out, it was really cool. The dragon had lots of detail and a real Asian feel to it.

The customer wanted me to start on the little boys room first.

The customer was in the Air Force, so she loves airplanes. She has tons of model airplanes she was going to hang all over the room, from the ceiling. That’s why she wanted me to paint the clouds on the ceiling. The bottom half of the room is a dark blue color and the ceiling and walls are light blue. She also wanted me to install a border around the room covering up where the 2 colors come together, which is a great idea.

Here’s the pics from that room:


IMG_20141005_153152 IMG_20141005_153157 IMG_20141005_153203IMG_20141005_153214

Here’s the dragon:



Thanks, talk to you guys later, Clint

Last project 4-23-14


I wanted to talk about my last project.

I happened to be driving by and noticed a new daycare had opened. I stopped by to see if they would be interested in a mural for the front window. After talking it over with the owner, we decided on a window mural for the left side of space. The daycare is 40 or 50ft wide, the front door is pretty much in the middle of all the windows. The owner only wanted the left side painted. She told me that I would have to get the approval and gave me a ladies name.

After calling and leaving several messages, I finally got a hold of her and got the process started. It took forever to get the approval, I had to write an email and explain what I was doing, what kind of paint I was using, what I was painting…etc. So, after getting the approval, I was ready to get started.

The owner and I talked about the mural covering the whole window to block some of the sun out during the summer. There are three levels of windows where I was painting, with the middle of the three, being the largest. With four of them side by side, I had a lot of space to paint on.  We agreed, the mural would be great with a big blue sky and clouds  and a bunch of kids playing on a play ground. Just very simple kids with no major detail. I needed to finish the whole mural in three days, so I couldn’t spend too much time on each child. We both wanted the mural to have a very natural look and not that cheesy daycare look. I painted the blue sky and grass first, added the clouds and trees, then painted the children. The weather was awesome, customer was nice, the mural came out fun and beautiful, so overall , this was an very cool project.



On to the next, TTYS


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Family Pictures


I told you would be back soon.

Ok, I wanted to talk about a very cool project I did a few weeks back. Kay, one of the best customers I’ve ever had wanted me to fix up a Family photo thing she had in her kitchen.

She had put together this beautiful collection of family pictures with a lot of words in between, like…FAMILY, LOVE, Devotion. The only problem is she used stickers, she loved everything about it, but the stickers. The stickers just didn’t look good on the wall, you could see the sticker part and just wasn’t what she wanted it to look like.

Kay called me and I went over to see what the problem was, she was right, it was beautiful, well, everything but the stickers. The word part was fine, it’s everything around the words that didn’t look good.


I told her this is going to take awhile to get right, for one thing, she didn’t want me to change anything with the arrangement, she wanted everything just like she put it together just get rid of the stickers.

I had to:

1. Take pictures, to make sure everything looked the same, after I was done.

2. Make stencils of the stickers without removing them from the wall.

3. pull the sticker off, use the stencils to put the words back where they were.

4. Paint the words in the same color has the stickers, remember, she wanted everything the same, even the colors of the stickers.

So, I had to do each word at a time.

In the end, it came out amazing. I did talk her into changing a few colors, but other than that, it looked exactly the same.

DSCF1170 DSCF1171 DSCF1172 DSCF1173 DSCF1174 DSCF1175 DSCF1176


It looked so much better when I was done. It was a kind of a slow, painful process, but I think it was worth it.

For those who actually read this, I have the stencils so if you like something like it, just give me a call.

To me, it’s looks way better than just throwing some family photos on the wall. It personalizes everything and makes it own.

Anyway, this more of a person journal than blog, but if you do read it, thanks for taking the time.

I hope I can paint something amazing for you.


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Hello again, it’s been awhile


I know, I haven’t writing a blog in over a year, but luckily, I’ve been pretty busy. Last year was interesting…It started off with a lot of interior painting and then around September, I started getting nothing but mural/company logo/sign calls, which was cool with me. Of course, this year got off to a slow start after Christmas, but it started picking up half way through January. I’ve done some pretty interesting projects, so far this year. Here’s a few:

The last project was really cool…hell, I never even actually met the custom, we did everything through emails, pictures and cell. The weather was awesome, the customer was cool and the project came out great.

The job was for a storage company called Prestonwood Storage, they had a couple of old signs that most of the paint had come off and was fading. One was a double sided sign and the other was a 12 x 4 sign hanging on side of a storage building. Of course cleaning it and getting all the old paint off is the first thing, then priming everything gives the new painting something to bond to. I also had some rotted spots, where the main board of the sign had separated from the frame and needed a lot of caulking. Once everything was sealed, primed and repaired I painted 2 coats of oil based, high gloss white. I think the oil based paint lasts the longest outside. Plus, the color stays vibrant much longer than water based paints.

The stencil was the company logo and a cool tree the customer had picked out. The tree was kind of a pain, but in the end, it was the first part of the sign.

Anyway, I want to start my own journal/blog to keep records, so I going to start writing more blogs. I want to be able to go back in my later years a read about some of some jobs. It’s amazing how much I forget, all the little details about a job. So, TTYS

DSCF1257 DSCF1256 DSCF1255 DSCF1254


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Another cool painting project.


Thanks for stopping by. So here we go again with the next job. I recieved  a call from the owner of “The Congress Cafe” he wanted me to paint the cafes name on the front and also create a chalk board for him to put a menu on. The cafe is brand new and located downtown, now, downtown is not my favorite place in Houston, but I go where the work is. Whats wierd is…I had a feeling I had been in that building but did’t fully remember when. So after meeting him at the cafe I measured 15 ft across where it will say “The Congress Cafe”. Then looked at where he wanted the chalk board.

After getting all the details, I went back home and designed the sign on my software and sent the owner several pics to choose from. After he decided on the font he liked, I printed out a 14ft x 22″ at my special print shop. Well, I dont to give all my secrets awway, but thats what I need to make the sign.

The chalk board is easy, at least for me, and no, I didn’t buy premaid crap to paint it. I mixed it myself. The one thing people always forget when it comes to a homemade chalk wall/board is…it can be ANY color you want. The owner just wanted to keep it simple and asked me to go with black.

The first day, just got going when I went to go grab some more stuff out of the car and my car was gone. CRAP!!! I instantly knew it was towed, those assholes downtown loved to tow peoples cars. I told you I didn’t like downtown lol.

So after getting my car back, I painted the chalk board and got the out lines of the letters “The Congress Cafe” and painted the first coat.

Secand day, I’m back to finish the sign and do another coat of chalk paint.

Anyway, it tured out great (except for the tow) and the customer was very happy.

Here’s the pics.

I have my next 2 jobs already lined up and will post those soon. One is a babyroom and the other is for a little girls room. Shes moving here from the UK and her dad wants to surprise her. So, stay tune because they’re both going to be really cool rooms.

OH  YEAH!!! The reason I knew the building was…it use to be the old JURY DUTY ROOM haha. They converted it to a huge law libary.

TTYS, peace out. Clint H-Town Murals & Painting Services


DSCF0711 DSCF0710 DSCF0709 DSCF0708 DSCF0707 DSCF0706 DSCF0705





Kitchen Makeover, Just Using Paint


So, you say you can’t afford to replace everything in your kitchen, right? Understood, me either. Soooo, what do you do? You know you hate it, but you also know you can’t afford 15,000 dollars for a kitchen remodel.

That’s were I come in, I can give you the look without the big price tag and you can keep all your stuff. These days, you don’t want to go ripping everything out, it just cost too damn much to replace. Yes, I get it…you want granite, new cabinets, you hate the old wall paper, all that stuff. Ok, no problem. Here here’s what we do.

1. I come over and give you a free estimate. I look at your kitchen, we talk about your vision for it. Like…you want the look of granite, you want the old wood cabinet look to go away, you want updated hardware on the cabinets, you want that old wall paper removed, you want every inch of the kitchen painted with a new color and a fresh coat of paint, you want me to install some cheap, but beautiful glass tiles on the backsplash. Hell, I have painted old backsplash tile and it came out amazing. Matter of fact, I have some before and after pics to show you of a kitchen I did lately. See below

2. After designing the look  you want, we setup a time.

3. I come over and give you an amazing kitchen at a very low cost, fast time, very little kitchen down time, no construction crew ripping everything out, the noise, not to mention a huge mess.

On this project we only used paint and new knobs for the cabs. I created a beautiful granite look out of the paint left over from the cabs and tiles. There was this awful grape wall paper at the top, but what made it even worse was the grape tiles to go alomg with it, YUK!!!! What in the hell were we thinking in the 70’s & 80’s?

Believe me, being a professional painter I’ve seen it all.

Instead of ripping out the tiles and having a hugh bill to install new ones, I just painted them. There was no need to paint all of them, so I just picked the ones that had grapes and a few more to make it look nice.

Removed the old wall paper.

Took all the cabs off, sanded, primed, painted and clear glossed. Plus, new hardware.

Painted the whole kitchen.

The granite look was amazing.

To thank that this was all done with paint (except cab hardware) even freaks me out. It just knocked off 30 years in one big swoop. The difference is hard to believe considering the cost and tiime.

So, lets talk about some myths, like…oh you can’t paint tile, really? Now, I wouldn’t do it in the bathtub or anywhere theres a bunch of water. If you do paint tile, it’ll just come off when you clean it…Yeah, if you clean it with an SOS pad lol. But, if you ust wipe them down with a sponge, it;s fine. The paint always comes off the cabs and they look like crap after a while, not if you do them right. When people paint their contertops with that faux stuff, they either look cheap or the paint comes up over time, yeah if you don’t seal it right. People see this stuff in kitchens all the time, but what they don’t remember is they were done by the home owner and they had no idea how to do these things right or they just did it real fast because they didn’t have the time to do it in the first place.

My point to all this is real simple, don’t go spend 15,000 dollars and replace all your stuff. Hell, most of all those old cabs are built with real wood, most of the cabs you can afford these days are made with cheap crap. Hold on to what you have, just ley me update it.

Thanks for reading. Give me a call if you want me to help your kitchen too.

DSCF0099 DSCF0098 DSCF0097 DSCF0096